Petite Agility With Style - Alaska


Urban Herding! This class is designed for families wanting to have some fun with their dog or anyone wanting to add something else to play with their performance, conformation dog, or even the family pet. You will learn how to work your dog at a distance to get them to load onto a grouping of balls and drive them in a specific order into the goal.  “Drive On!”

National Dog Agility League

Compete agailnst dogs from all over the country and even from around the world! Come join the fun! Leagues are held at The Animal Barn every second Wednesday of the month as part of the Mobile Bay Dog Training Club. Come meet us and join our fun club! Runs start at 6:00 PM.  
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Petite Agility With Style on the Gulf Coast

This class is for those small-statured dogs who understand how to safely perform the agility obstacles (Intermediate and Advanced). We will focus on sequencing obstacles, the different types of crosses needed to get yourself around the course without falling down, and building confidence in you and your dog as a team. Other topics will be reading and analyzing a course map, planning and remembering a handling plan for a course, how a judge thinks when designing a course, and how to enter and prepare for a trial. A foundations class is also offered.
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